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Sakizaya Wikipedia created[mikawaway tu kalumyiti sakatizeng bangu]

Hi, Vickylin, and welcome to the official Sakizaya Wikipedia! :-D

All content from Incubator has been imported here now, so I would appreciate it if you could help relay this information to other contributors to the Sakizaya Wikipedia in Incubator. If you need any help, feel free to ask me. The Main Page needs an overhaul now that this is an official Wikipedia, that's a good place to start. :-) Jon Harald Søby ( sasukamu ) 2019年11月22日 (sakalima a demied nu lipay) 06:17 (CST)[回覆]

Hi, Jon Harald Søby! Thank you very much. Sakizaya people knew this great news. Also, we had contacted Wikimedia Taiwan members. They will teach us how to overhaul the main page.
In these two days, we try to use visual editor, but it seems not working.
We really appreciate language committee's help very much, especially you, StevenJ81 and Amire80. You guys helped us a lot! Sakizaya Wikipedia case will encourage other ethnic group in Taiwan. We hope other indigenous language contributors can join Wikipedia project more actively. Thanks again!! Vickylin77amis ( sasukamu ) 2019年11月25日 (sakacacay a demied nu lipay) 09:57 (CST)[回覆]
No problem, you're welcome. And yes, there is usually a delay for a few days before Visual Editor and some other tools become available, because it takes some time to do the technical setup. But within this week, it should be available for you! Jon Harald Søby ( sasukamu ) 2019年11月25日 (sakacacay a demied nu lipay) 18:38 (CST)[回覆]
Hi,Jon Harald Søby. We encounter difficulties about the connection between different language Wikipedia main page. In Sakizaya main page, we can connect to other language Wikipedia main page, but other language Wikipedia can't connect to Sakizaya Wikipedia. We had tried to add the main page information in Wikidata. But we still can't find Sakizaya from other language main page's language list. Do you have any idea about this? Thank you! Vickylin77amis ( sasukamu ) 2019年11月27日 (sakatulu a demied nu lipay) 20:45 (CST)[回覆]
Hi! It's complicated, but the main page is usually special when it comes to which languages that are linked. From the Chinese Wikipedia, for example, only links languages with more than 100,000 articles are shown. For other articles, however, it should work, but only after you have connected the articles here to the Wikidata items. I just did that for Orbie Bowling, so on en:Orbie Bowling you should now be able to see Sakizaya in the list of languages. (To do it, click "micunus tu masasiket" under "kamu", type in the language code you want to link to and then the title of the article to connect to.)
There is another related issue where you can't search for Sakizaya in the list of languages if the list is very long – I am working to fix that, but it will take a little while (1–2 weeks) before the software is updated to reflect that fix. Jon Harald Søby ( sasukamu ) 2019年11月27日 (sakatulu a demied nu lipay) 22:53 (CST)[回覆]