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Number of pages[mikawaway tu kalumyiti sakatizeng bangu]

Hi Reke. You have changed the counter on main page from "numberofarticles" to "numberofpages". Wouldn't it be better to show the number of articles as it is done in nearly all other Wikipedias? Best regards --Holder ( sasukamu ) 2019年12月5日 (sakasepat a demied nu lipay) 03:12 (CST)

Note that the number was changed but not the rest of the statement, so it's (also) important whether "Izawaytu ku […] nu ulic niyam." — added in this edit by misaungayay:曾祥宇 — refers to articles or pages. I don't know which it is, since I don't read the language. (I agree with Holder that it should refer to articles.) Also, since szy doesn't automatically capitalize the first word of sentences, shouldn't the statement actually begin with a lowercase "i"? - dcljr ( sasukamu ) 2019年12月5日 (sakasepat a demied nu lipay) 14:30 (CST)
Another user has changed the page in the ways being discussed here. - dcljr ( sasukamu ) 2019年12月5日 (sakasepat a demied nu lipay) 18:02 (CST)

Embassy[mikawaway tu kalumyiti sakatizeng bangu]

Should we create an embassy page just like other Wikipedias? --TongcyDai ( sasukamu ) 2019年12月6日 (sakalima a demied nu lipay) 16:29 (CST)